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Renewable 2000 ton
warehouse stock
Delivery to any region
Temperature control
More than 10 years
on the market

The group of the companies

Our company Atlant-Group is one of the large-scale fish wholesale companies. We can suggest our clients all over the  world the wide range of frozen fish and sea products. As we have several offices (Moscow, Vladivostok) with the headquarter in Yekaterinburg and big warehouses – we can suggest to our customers good logistics. Thanks to our team of professionals, the pool of our customers increases both in Russia and foreign countries.

If you want to become our customer- just call us and the managers will consult you about all our range of the fish and even make the recommendations.

You can be sure in the quality of our products. We can suggest the best prices because we have the direct contract with the suppliers and fishers that allow us to have smoothly functioning schedule of supply.

Also we have the foreign customers and can provide the export service. We can ship either from our warehouses in Ekaterinburg and Moscow nor from Vladivostok. We have the good logistic and custom clearance services.

Our team of logistics specialists and brokers can organize all necessary procedures for stock, transportation, custom clearance for export and import with issuing  all correct docs.

We analyze the market all over the world and we know the demands of all our customers and suppliers.

We can suggest high quality, good price and excellent service for everyone client.


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